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You work hard to keep your customers happy, customers who demand the healthiest, nutrient dense dairy alternatives. The NutraMilk will help you deliver just what they want, quickly and efficiently. At a modest pricepoint, the NutraMilk is a great investment for your business that will not only speed up your service but provide only the best nutrient-rich milks and butters on demand, every day. Commercially tested in the busiest kitchens the world over, you can rely on our game-changing processor to help your business thrive.

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Save time and money

Traditional processes of making nut milks and butters involve using cheesecloths and nutbags, which result in wasted pulp and nutrition - and that means wasted money. With virtually no pulp left over, NutraMilk cuts down time and waste, and maxes out nutrition.

Uniquely Nutramilk

No Tamping or straining

With no need for straining or tamping down, this great value processor allows you to make more nutrient dense foods while saving you time and money.

No Soaking nuts & Seeds

We know that soaking nuts and seeds can be a time consuming process, and thanks to the NutraMilk’s patented design you can say goodnight to soaking overnight.

Robust build. Great Value

The powerful, commercially certified motor and robust blades make the NutraMilk a reliable kitchen workhorse that’s built to last even in the busiest kitchens.

Loading up a dishwasher to clean the nutramilk components.

Easy to use & clean

Containers and parts, including the removable stainless steel double-blade, are completely dishwasher safe – saving you valuable time.

A steel measuring spoon containing nut butter

Mix it up

Whether your customers are following plant-based, vegan, paleo, gluten- or dairy-free diets, or are simply health-conscious, NutraMilk can mix and match blends of nuts, seeds and superfoods on demand.

Trust NutraMilk

Designed from the ground up, our products are of the highest quality. We stand behind them with commercial certification and a two-year warranty.

"Using the Nutramilk to create custom, housemade milks allows us to provide our customers with a unique product and experience they can't get anywhere else."

Heather Perry, Klatch Coffee

NutraMilk love


"As a family with multiple food allergies, we LOVE our NutraMilk! There's so much peace of mind when you have control of the process from start to finish. The NutraMilk is also the only machine that can efficiently process tiger nuts (tuber, not a nut) which is a huge win for our family."

Kathlena Rails
Allergy Chef

“As a chef I use the nut butters as a base for plant-based butter, ice cream and milk. The machine is super easy to use, literally drop product in the hopper and set a timer.”

Benjamin Goldman
Chef de Cuisine Planta South Beach

"Using the Nutramilk to create custom, housemade milks allows us to provide our customers with a unique product and experience they can't get anywhere else."

Heather Perry
Klatch Coffee

"The NutraMilk is hands down my favorite kitchen appliance. I know that when I have my fresh plant-based milks and nut butter ready to go, I can whip up next level snacks in a flash. Plus, I also feel good knowing that there is zero waste, making it environmentally-friendly too!

Elise Museles
Health Coach & Podcast Host
Delight your customers!
Nutritious nut milks and butters... fast

In just three easy, quick steps you can make nutritious milks and butters to order. Use any nut, seed, legume or more, add the required amount of water and make up to 2 liters of non-dairy milk in between just 5 to 12 minutes, compared to the hours or days it takes using other methods. Beautifully simple and quick for you, mouth-wateringly delicious for your customers.

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Nutramilk, Spotted!

The Nutramilk processor is used by savvy businesses all around the US and the world. Our partnership with Matchaful has helped them make plant-based milks so much quicker and easier with even less waste.