NutraMilk Butter & Smoothie Set - Brewista
NutraMilk Butter & Smoothie Set - Brewista
NutraMilk Butter & Smoothie Set - Brewista

NutraMilk Butter & Smoothie Set

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The revolutionary NutraMilk is the easiest way to make fresh, additive-free dairy alternative milks in minutes. There is no need to soak ingredients overnight, rinse them, drain them, blend them and strain them. Simply add raw ingredients to the NutraMilk, press butter, add water, mix and dispense!

But when you’d rather make fresh, dairy alternative butters or smoothies instead of nut milks, the NutraMilk Butter & Smoothie set is the perfect accessory! Since this isn’t made for preparing milk,there’s no need to separate any of the ingredients. That means there’s no inner filter, and less to clean!  Because it is made of BPA free Tritan, clean-up is a breeze! Simply rinse it and wash in the dishwasher (top rack recommended).

The NutraMilk Butter & Smoothie set includes mixing bowl and lid, wiper blade and cutting blade assembly. Use the original NutraMilk mixing basin to prepare one type of butter, use the Butter & Smoothie set to make another, eliminating the possibility of cross-contamination from allergens.

The mixing bowl has a handle and spout to easily pour delicious, fresh smoothies.

What is the difference between the Processing Bowl and the Butter and Smoothie Bowl? The processing bowl has the inner mesh filter built in, while the butter/smoothie bowl does not. For those that just want to make butters, smoothies, soups, etc, this will not go thru the filters.


  • Fast, fresh dairy alternative butters and smoothies in minutes
  • Second set of containers limits risk of cross contamination
  • No inner filter to clean
  • No mess, easy clean up
  • No overnight soaking required
  • Dishwasher safe, BPA free Tritan

Parts & Materials:

  • Stainless steel cutting blades
  • Nylon (PA66) blade housing
  • BPA free Tritan mixing basin
  • BPA free Tritan lid
  • BPA free polypropylene wiper blade

Chinese Registered Design Patents: 201730428639.4, 201730531938.0
Australian Utility Patent: 2017024733

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Customer Reviews

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Chelsey Fox
Love this magical machine!!!

I have a family of four about to be a family of five. We go through oat milk so quickly and with oat milk being $6.00 a half gallon where we live this machine was definitely an investment. I can tell you that it has saved so much money and time in just the month that I have owned it. Would highly recommend. It has paid for itself and I haven’t even touched the nut butter portion or the smoothie portion. I have made oat milk coffee creamer with this machine. I absolutely love it!!!


NutraMilk Butter & Smoothie Set

Anya ONeill
NutraMilk Butter & Smoothie Set

In 14 minutes, I have a homemade nut milk as a dairy alternative for my longevity diet. Neuroplasticity is key to long life. Thanks to Nutramilk, I can make healthy meals, nut milks for coffee or tea, nut butters, dips, sauces, salad dressings, smoothies, snacks, and soups. Goodbye Alzheimers beta amyloid plaque, hello healthy new brain cells and long telomeres!