A Nutamilk machine sits on a wooden kitchen counter. The kitchen wall is white and bright with some shelves and some spaghetti in jars. The kitchen is certainly a designer kitchen!

make Plant-based
milks and butters
in minutes

Fast, fresh, nutrient-rich home recipes that suit your dietary lifestyle


You love nut milk, but not the tedious process of making it. Now you can make fresh, wholesome, nutrient-dense alternative butters and milks from any nut, seed and more in your own home, in minutes. No straining, soaking or tamping with virtually zero wastage means saving time, money and the planet while taking control of the dietary lifestyle you dream of.

A woman wearing a white shirt and black pants pours almond nuts into her Nutramilk processor. The room is white and bright.
A professiona chef wearing chef'sm whites pours a sauce prepared in a Nutramilk.
A moving gif of the nutramilk's arms. The arms mean no more tamp[ing down food as with other food processors.
Patented technology

The patented motorized wiper arms push the food down, so there’s no need to stop and tamper down ingredients.

Exclusive to Nutramilk
Forget soaking

Making homemade non-dairy milks can take several time-consuming steps including soaking and straining. NutraMilk is a one of a kind processor that removes the tedious need for soaking and straining – meaning nutritious alternative milks and butters can be made in just minutes!

Dry almonds are poured from a white bowl into a nutramilk processor. No need for soaking!
A first-of-its-kind processor

The stainless steel filter and doubled inner/outer Tritan container filters out fine particles such as nut or seed skins, resulting in a smooth, creamy, non-dairy milk.

Loading up a dishwasher to clean the nutramilk components.

Easy to Clean

NutraMilk couldn’t be easier to clean. Containers and parts, including the removable stainless steel filter and unique double blade, are completely dishwasher safe.

A steel measuring spoon containing nut butter

More Nutrition

The NutraMilk breaks down the nuts, seeds and other ingredients into fresh, nutrient-dense nut and seed butters, releasing those all-important enzymes.

A createive use of the Nutramilk. A face has been placed on a bagel using vegetables and seed butter.

Get Creative

The NutraMilk is a versatile food processor designed to produce fresh, nutritious recipes from nut flours to nut butters to milks, smoothies, dips, spreads, sauces and more.

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Preparing to make nut butters and milks. A table top with bowls of nuts, knives, bottles and a nutramilk processor sit on the countertop. the table top is messy from making milks and butters with nuts strewn across around.



Make nutrient-rich milks and butters in your home free from additives and preservatives with no wastage from unused pulp or packaging. No matter your dietary needs, Nutramilk helps you take control of how you look after your health.


You care about what goes into your body and your eco footprint – and so do we. With almost zero wastage from creating delicious alternative milks and butters, you’ll be proud of what you’re putting into your body and being part of a women-led community that cares passionately about health and nutrition.



“As a chef I use the nut butters as a base for plant-based butter, ice cream and milk. The machine is super easy to use, literally drop product in the hopper and set a timer.”

Benjamin Goldman
Chef de Cuisine Planta South Beach

“It's that machine that makes the perfect milk. I've tried all the ways and other machines and until I purchased this I've never had such creamy home made milk so easy and quick.”


“Love love this!! If you drink a lot of almond milk or other nut milks or love warm nut butters this is fast and simple to use! It was well worth it to me!!”

Lyn Heyink

“This machine is truly great. It is super quiet, easy and fast and makes delicious nut milk. I 
have not bought cows milk in several months and will likely never go back.”


I can't believe how much I love this machine. The more I use it, the more I love it. Making gourmet nut and seed butters and blends opens a whole new world of flavors! And freshness you'll never get from factory made products.”

S. Hunter

“I am impressed with the build and design. The bowls are made to last and the Nutramilk is easy to use and clean!”

Steve Gutiérrez

You work hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and the NutraMilk is robust, reliable and will work just as hard for you! That’s why it’s trusted by food businesses the world over, having been tested in some of the busiest commercial kitchens on the planet.

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Our nutritionist/editor
Florencia Tagliavini

Florencia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Science and Dietetics, and believes that wellbeing and happiness is achieved by nourishing the body, mind and soul. She offers healthy eating habits and recipes to stay active and practice mindfulness. A seasoned traveler and culture lover, her passions embrace mindfulness practices including hatha yoga and meditation.

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