Vanilla Chocolate Chip Cashew "Ricotta" - vegan, gluten free, zero waste


Abby's Food Court shares this delicious Recipe for her Vanilla Chocolate Chip Cashew "Ricotta", that's vegan, gluten-free and zero-waste. 

Abby says: 

"My mom used to make this amazing dessert with ricotta cheese, vanilla and chocolate chips. It was the perfect summertime dessert. She kept it in the fridge in individual portions and we couldn’t get enough of it! It was creamy, sweet, and filling.

I always think about this recipe when it gets hot and I wanted to make a plant based version using cashews as a base. I love to make cashew based yogurt (see Homemade Banana Nut Yogurt and Homemade Nut Yogurt) and realized this would be the perfect base for the recipe. My secret weapon is my favorite kitchen appliance, the NutraMilk. I rave about this machine because I use it every single week and have so much fun coming up with delicious recipes using it. It makes the creamiest nut/seed butters, the best nut/seed milks and now a delicious cashew cream dessert.

This recipe is zero waste- I purchased all the ingredients in bulk or in glass containers! I can’t wait for you to try it!" 

Get the recipe here