Easy Thai Red Curry Paste (5-Minute) by Alphafoodie

Images and recipe by Alphafoodie

*Servings 1/2 of cup


  • 3 sweet red peppers

  • Start by crushing the coriander seeds, white peppercorn and cumin seeds in your food processor or spice grinder.
  • Then, roughly chop the lemongrass stalks and galangal.

  • Add all the ingredients (sans spices) to a food processor or a blender. Blitz to break down to crumbs.
  • Add the spices and blend again until you achieve a creamy, smooth paste.
  • Taste and adjust this curry paste as needed. Practically every ingredient can be adjusted; add less/more chilies depending on what heat you want, more lime for extra acidity and zing, salt – for saltiness, and ingredients like the garlic, shallots, and galangal can be adjusted to personal taste.
  • Note* Remember though that the paste will be far more pungent then the final results at this point.

  • Once ready, store in an airtight glass container.
  • The paste can be stored in a glass container for up to a week in the fridge. Alternatively, it can be frozen into individual portions in an ice tray and then transferred to a freezer-safe container for up to three months.

See full recipe and tips here: https://www.alphafoodie.com/easy-thai-red-curry-paste/