Rainbow Fruit Platter

Happy Earth Day!

Celebrate with this colorful rainbow platter with fresh fruits that are in season.  Serve with this delicious plant-based dip made with cashew butter created in the NutraMilk, yogurt and mango or another yellow fruit you find to represent the sun.

We love nature and our planet- Let´s help protect it!


For Dip

  • 2 tbsp. cashew butter made with the NutraMilk
  • ¼ cup yogurt of choice
  • 1 mango
  • a pinch of turmeric to add yellow color for the sun (optional)

For rainbow:

  • Fruit variations:
    • Red – strawberries, cherries, watermelon, pomegranate
    • Orange – peaches, nectarines, mandarins
    • Yellow – pineapple, mango, bananas
    • Green – kiwi, green grapes, honeydew melon
    • Blue – plums, grapes
    • Purple – blueberries, blackberries, red grapes

For cashew butter

  • 2 cups (300g) cashews
  • 1/8 teaspoon Pink Himalayan salt (optional)


  • Start by making cashew butter if you don’t have a batch made.
    • Place cashews and salt in the NutraMilk container.
    • Press Butter cycle, set for 5-6 minutes.
    • Press Start.
    • Open the container lid.
    • If necessary, set for an additional 1-2 minutes for a creamier butter.
  • Place dip ingredients in the NutraMilk and process until smooth. Set aside.

  • Arrange fruits according to rainbow colors and shape. Enjoy!