Vegan Vanilla Masala Chai

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Vegan Vanilla Masala Chai

(All images by Love Is In My Tummy)

Love Is In My Tummy shows us what a zen process it is to make this Vegan Vanilla Masala Chai, so you can easily make it at home. Made with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, vanilla, a little star anise for a fragrant twist, black tea and coconut milk made in The NutraMilk. So try here recipe here! "Lay back, wrap yourself in a cozy throw blanket, grab a good book, sit by the window and enjoy an afternoon of winter€™s delight, with a glass of this VEGAN Vanilla Masala chai to warm you from the inside out, as the fragrances envelop you in a cocoon of headiness and transport you to a different world in a different time."

Images by Love Is In My Tummy

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